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Frequently Asked Questions

  Do bulk orders get a discount?

Yes, for shirts. We consider bulk orders to be orders of about 30 or more of the same shirt design. The bulk price depends on how many shirts you are ordering. Contact us with how many designs you would be ordering, with a quantity of shirts you want per design. Also please note if you will want 2XL, 3XL, or 4XL sizes. We’ll figure out a price based on that and get back to you with a quote before placing the order. 

No other items get a bulk discount at this time. 

  Can I order custom designs?

This is a part-time business, so we do not currently offer custom designs or services.

  What is the shipping turnaround time for orders?

Shirt orders sizes XS-XL typically take about 3 days to get to you. Sizes 2XL-4XL could take about 5 business days. 

All other items will usually be shipped the day after your order is placed, and should arrive to you within 5 business days. However, if our shirt printer happens to have a shirt on back order, it could take up to two weeks. 

During holiday times—particularly Christmas—allow for extra time since there will be more orders and mailing to be processed.


What is the policy on refunds?

If you encounter a problem with your order, please contact us and we will happily and penitently work with you to resolve your concern. Get a hold of us at to take care of any problems.